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DHITglobal.org (DHIT) is a social venture dedicated to driving digital health innovation across the ecosystem and transforming North Carolina and the Triangle into a global digital health hub. We bring together diverse stakeholders from the healthcare, technology, investor, research, business and entrepreneurial communities to play a role in driving the digital health revolution for the benefit of all.


We make a positive impact by creating the environment for Open Innovation to flourish and driving the development of transformative digital health solutions.


We are in the process of forming IMPACT Committees across the following key domains. These Committees will be responsible for translating digital health ecosystem potential into measurable outcomes via action oriented collaboration.


Following on from our inaugural white paper on The State of Digital Health in the Triangle, DHIT is embarking on a research study to benchmark consumer digital health adoption across North Carolina. This study will highlight key challenges, gaps and opportunities from a healthcare consumer and provider perspective and map out what is required to elevate the region into a leadership position for digital health.


This popular series of events will continue on a bimonthly basis and bring together entrepreneurs and ecosystem partners to connect and debate the future of digital health in the Triangle and provide guidance, mentorship and practical support to the digital health start-up community. REGISTER


Innovation Sprints offer an ideal framework for connecting diverse stakeholders from the healthcare, technology, investor, research, business and entrepreneurial communities to tackle real-world problems in healthcare and create a pipeline of innovation. UNC Center for Health Innovation has already hosted two successful Sprints backed by industry partners including AARP, Becton Dickinson, Lowe’s, and Carol Woods, and will be organizing its third series of events in the fall.


Looking ahead to 2018, DHIT will be seeking a physical working space for entrepreneurs and researchers to connect and collaborate, and stimulate the creation of a fully interoperable, provider and consumer tested, digital health applications marketplace. The Lab will include an Insights Café to host research workshops and provide a live testing environment with end users.


DHIT will be hosting a Digital Health Summit in early 2018, which will involve key stakeholders from across the Triangle with the goal of designing a 3-year roadmap for building the necessary infrastructure to support the development of a state-wide digital health ecosystem.


One of the first DHIT collaborations will see ASSIST and Bluedoor draw digital health experts from across the Triangle to support the US Department of Defense in a Warfighter Wellbeing Workshop tasked with optimizing the performance and wellbeing of our troops, using physical, behavioral, and environmental digital health technologies.


DHIT will be collaborating with the private equity, venture capitalist, and angel investment community in the Triangle as well as public entities and foundations to establish a Digital Health Innovation Fund that will fuel the rapid prototyping, piloting and validation of new digital health solutions using emerging technologies.


Facilitating and streamlining relationships between the Triangle’s robust student talent pool and our industry members is critical to DHIT’s mission. Student Interns and experienced Fellows with a diverse array of skills and subject matter expertise will be matched with member organizations based on their various needs.

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