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The American Hospital Association, better known as AHA, will be hosting its 2019 AHA Leadership Conference in the summer. This annual, three-day event takes a radical approach to management strategies, encouraging participants to explore high-tech opportunities and emerging technologies to create cultures of innovation within companies and boost patient experiences. Keynote speakers include former astronauts, an IBM thought leader, and a best-selling author.

At this event, the AHA Center for Health Innovation will be hosting a startup competition featuring six early stage companies that have all developed practical, tactical innovations. Each startup will be selected to present in the competition in part by its ability to quantify savings or otherwise demonstrate an ROI for hospitals. Competition participants will receive valuable exposure at the AHA Leadership Summit, which typically draws more than 1,400 attendees. To help orchestrate and manage the competition, we are partnering with the Furthur Fund and leveraging their unique screening and vetting process to present the most relevant solutions to attendees. For more information and to apply by June 15th, click here.