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Creating and Executing CX and Digital Health Programs that Deliver Results

When consumers do better, we all do better. AHIP’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum delivers ideas to help build and implement CX and digital health strategies that will break down barriers to better care and drive member loyalty.

You’ll learn from startups and powerhouses, focused on topics at the forefront of the push to reinvent health care.

  • Engaging Consumers
  • Branding
  • Data and Analysis
  • Disruption and Reinvention
  • Technology and Tools
  • Organizational Culture
  • What’s Next
If CX and Digital Health are your priorities, make it a priority to join us in December. You’ll leave with big ideas and big results to make health care simpler for consumers.
Chances are, the CX and Digital Health challenges keeping you up at night are similar to those facing health plans around the country.
Let’s solve them together at this year’s Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum
New on the agenda this year, PeerCONNECT Live will focus on your top challenges in a roll-up-your sleeves, “crowdsourcing” session. It’s the perfect compliment to the mix of general and concurrent sessions you’ll find on the agenda.
PeerCONNECT Live participants will be divided into groups, led by an industry thought leader. Each group will focus on a specific challenge and we’ll let the ideas fly. The session will end with each thought leader presenting their group’s top ideas to all conference attendees. So, no matter which group you choose to participate with, you’ll leave with ideas on the full range of topics.
Let’s start now. Share your top challenges. Click here to get started.

Concurrent sessions focus on the biggest and most important topics facing our health care system, including how to use digital for better decision making, better care, more efficient automation, stronger connections with members and prospects, and more.
  • Next Generation CX, Customer Engagement and Branding
Enhance your marketing and branding strategies to expand their reach, build brand loyalty and trust with consumers.  Learn how content marketing, preference management, social commerce and new technologies can demonstrate ROI, better engage consumers and improve your efforts.
  • Data Analytics and Actionable Intelligence
This track explore how health insurance plans are using advanced data analytics and business      intelligence to drive objective improvements in clinical and quality outcomes, care management,       and financial performance. Examine how integrated systems can facilitate data flow across silos        and enable personalized experiences.
  • Industry Transformation, Disruption and Product Innovation
Learn how new business models and digital initiatives can serve as a catalyst to organizational transformation and product innovation, while enabling more efficient automation, lower health care costs, better decision making, and stronger connectivity with consumers.
  • Technologies and Tools for Connected and Collaborative Care
Learn about innovative e-health tools and initiatives that enable patient-centric care, promote consumer decision-making with provider transparency tools, improve medication adherence, and enhance health and wellness.  Discuss new technologies and analytic tools that are helping to measure health outcomes and track population health initiatives.